Platform9 a functional funky ergonomically designed and endorsed lightweight knee suspended laptop stand which allows effortless use of a Notebook or Laptop at Work, Rest or Play…

Introducing the NEW unbreakable Platform9V2 (Injection Moulded from Polycarbonate)

If you bring work home and you are in front of the television or putting those finishing touches on that PowerPoint presentation late at night in bed let Platform9 take a “load-off” so you can get that job done with little effort, Platform9 won’t give you wings but it will improve your performance in any room. Platform9 allows you to get your “knees-up” and rest in effortless comfort while reading the latest news or catching up with old friends on Facebook however we cannot guarantee you will score any new friends but at least you will look cool.
Play hard “Flat-out” whether you’re laid back or upright you will game for longer and improve all scores, so play hard on Platform9 or go home for a nana nap.

Platform9 - 5 Colours
Proudly Made in New Zealand
As See on TV  
As Seen on TV
Made In New Zealand  

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